Biograd Boat Show 2017




Začetek 19.10.2017 10:00
Konec 22.10.2017 18:00
Lokacija Biograd
Organizator Ilirija d.d.


Biograd Boat Show is the largest boat show not only in Croatia but also in Central Europe.
The show gathers more than 300 registered exhibitors and 300 boats, and presents more than 1,500 charter boats.
During the show, numerous accompanying lectures and seminars on various topics from the field of business, education, social sciences, sports and recreation take place.
Biograd Boat Show is a Gold Member of the IFBSO, the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers. The boat show became internationally recognized thanks to Croatia's significance as a sailing destination and impressive facilities, including the Kornati Marina, Ilirija Resort Hotels, restaurants and entertainment amenities, as well as high quality food and entertainment programs lasting long into the night.


  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Šangulin Marina 0.27 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Kornati Marina 0.37 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Tkon Luka 1.3 nmi