Baška Outdoor Festival




Začetek 13.10.2017 10:00
Konec 15.10.2017 18:00
Lokacija Baška
Organizator TZ Baška


Baška Outdoor Festival, in its third edition, is once again revealing the natural beauty of Baška and its surroundings to visitors in want of an active holiday.

Along over 90 kilometeres of walking paths and biking routes connected with historical and natural landmarks, those visiting Baška during the weekend from 13th to 15th October 2017 will have the opportunity to test themselves in the Krk Island Trail running race, mountain bike in the Krk 'n' Roll Marathon, or hike on some of  the most beautiful locations on Krk, such as the Moon Plateau. Both beginner and recreational rock climbers will have the chance to try out the Portafortuna climbing site, and all age groups are welcome to experience the adventure that is zipline Edison.


  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Mala luka Sidrišče 2.13 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Bracol Luka 2.21 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Stara Baška Luka 3.22 nmi