It is a 2nd time that Marina Punat won the Golden Anchor, Croatian national award for the best marina of the year in 2019.  Renata B. Marević, the General Manager of Marina Punat, was happy to receive the award during the winner declaration ceremony at the Grand Hotel Park in Rovinj, on Monday, September 23.

The election of best marina of Adriatic is organized by leading daily media, Jutarnji list 3rd time in a row, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and sponsored by Croatian National Tourist Board.

A nautical patrol consisting of six journalists and two researchers sailed Adriatic from Umag to Dubrovnik, visiting 34 marinas and conducting over 1000 polls among present boaters.

Marina Punat takes pride in being the winner of this award for the second time, as it confirms its leading position in quality and service, according to boaters experience and vote.

The largest marina of Northern Adriatic, Marina Punat hosts over 1300 boats on annual berths.  Key reasons for the trust of boat owners are the proximity to the major boating markets of Germany, Austria and Slovenia paired with the highest standards in the boat security.

Safety of vessels is the main focus of development in Marina Punat, and it is firmly established as the leading marina when it comes to security measures management. Modern technology of boat sensors Sense4Boat is integrated with the marina management system MarinaCloud. This, combined with daily checking and video surveillance, makes for a world unique risk surveillance and security system, providing boat owners with an increased sense of safety and improving the overall safety of the marina. Marina Punat has been awarded several times for the innovations in safety measures and security systems and is successfully transferring this know-how to other marinas within the Mediterranean.

More than 1300 of boaters chose Marina Punat for their 2nd home and tend to spend here every day off, weeks, sometimes even months. Because of this, all of our services are available in full capacity throughout the year. Surely this was one of the reasons why in this same election Marina Punat was awarded the title "My favourite marina” in 2018.

A particular characteristic of Marina Punat is high loyalty of customers. Most of the resident boaters are recurring clients for a long time, mostly for its reliable quality and high environmental standards.

Marina Punat is the first bearer of the Blue Flag in Croatia and is proud to raise it 21 years in a row. It is also the first Croatian marina to own ISO 14001 certificate for environment maintenance and ISO 9001 for quality management. The international jury confirmed the overall quality and adherence to the highest standards, so Marina Punat was the first Croatian marina proud to bear Five anchors (THYA) and Five rudders (ADAC).

In 2019 Marina Punat is celebrating the 55th anniversary. Founded in 1964 it was the first marina in Croatia (then Yugoslavia) and ever since it is leading the innovations and setting standards in yachting. Awards, like this Golden Anchor, are a welcome confirmation of its success in an increasingly competitive market. They are also an encouragement to maintain sustainable development that is the foundation of a long-term success in yachting.

Photo: Tomislav Kristo / CROPIX