Elan Impression 45.1

The development of the new cruising yacht, the Elan I45.1, is nearing completion, and construction of the first yacht is well under way. The Elan R&D team has worked tirelessly to redesign the Elan Impression Line’s most popular model for the new decade. Grab your friends or family, and spend the evening on the I45.1’s larger deck, or lounge inside the new redesigned interior!


Elan Impression 45.1

Merging comfort, practicality and durability, the new Elan I45.1 interior is truly a benchmark of style and utility. Building on decades of experience in yacht interior design and charter-specific use, the new Elan Impression 45.1 interior furniture will be constructed with iroko wood veneer and solid iroko wood parts. Proven to be much more resilient than alternatives, iroko wood, sometimes also called African teak, will be available in natural and whitened varieties.

With the singular mission to increase available living space and optimise comfort, the saloon of the new yacht has been thoroughly redesigned. The galley was shifted forward and to the side, while the hint of the practical L shape was retained to increase countertop space. Cupboard space has been increased, allowing for more amenities, and the saloon has been enlarged toward the back of the yacht, creating a large and comfortable social area. The new layout allows for an even larger navigation table for an enjoyable working environment. In addition, the new Elan I45.1 will also be equipped with the DAME design-awarded control panel, giving the user an easy and aesthetically pleasing overview and control of the yacht’s functions.

The new Elan I45.1 cruising yacht will come in two layout variations. The four-cabin version is optimised for investors and charter use, adding two more berths and increasing the yacht’s charter efficiency while making no compromises on comfort. With the saloon berth option, the four-cabin version can host up to five couples. The three-cabin version is intended for cruising yacht enthusiasts, blue-water sailors, and seekers of comfort and relaxation. While still great for chartering, the three-cabin I45.1 will best fit families and groups of friends who love to spend their time cruising and sailing. In all versions, the aft cabins have also been improved with the addition of a new window.


Elan Impression 45.1

The Elan I45.1 is built on the modern classic charter-proven and blue-water-proven platform, designed by the famous Rob Humphreys Yacht Design studio. The Elan R&D team built on that classic design, enlarging its deck space and modernising the transom area. The yacht’s cockpit can now transform into either a large sunbathing area, a social gathering place with plenty of table space or an easily manoeuvrable sailing cockpit with grab rails positioned exactly where needed. As an additional innovation, the twin-wheel and split-table design enables quick and easy access below deck or vice versa. Should the need for additional space, a barbecue or a cold drink arise, two multipurpose boxes are a new design feature of the yacht, allowing plenty of deck equipment customisation and a convenient skipper’s seat. One can still choose a small or a large swim platform, further customising the yacht and deciding on the safe closed-transom variation or a more open transom feel.


Join us at Marina Pirovac in Croatia on the 3rd of July 2019 for the launch event of this new yacht, see her live, hop aboard and meet the Elan team that created her. Please apply to the event by sending an e-mail to elan-yachts@elan.si by the 31st of May.