GPS 44° 3' N , 15° 4' E
Gas station 8 nmi Zaglav, Dugi otok
Water depth 2 - 5 m
Opening hours 1.1.- 31.12.
Nr. of moorings 0


The Soline anchorage is on the northwestern side of the island of Iž. You can enter the bay from the western or northern side, between the island of Glurovič and the island of Iž. If we sail in from the western side, we must pay attention to the fish farm, which is on the southeastern side of the island of Glurovič. If we sail from the north side, we have to pay attention to the shoal, or rocks, which is northeast of the island of Glurovič, in the middle between the island of Glurovič and Iž. The depth between rocks and the island of Glurovac is 4 m. Between Čerja and the island of Iž, the depth is 2 m only in a small area of 3 m. We can anchor in the bay at depths between 2 and 10 m. In the southern part of the bay, the depths are below 2 m, and the bottom is muddy. The small piers only serve to moor the vessels of the locals. The bottom is sandy, in places overgrown with grass. The anchor holds well. The bay is protected from all winds except the north. There is no offer in the bay.

Wind protection/Weather


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  • Mala Rava Port 1.56 nmi
  • Vela Rava Port 2.29 nmi
  • Ovca Anchorage 2.34 nmi

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