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Choose a harmonious form and premium HIGHFIELD inflatables.


The HIGHFIELD Sport 560 dinghy is a combination of irresistible French design, light and very solid aluminum construction, perfect finishing and untouchable performance!

The 560 Sport is an innovative dinghy that takes almost all standards (economy, handling, performance, practicality, design, etc.) to a whole new level. The modernly designed dinghy brings top new solutions in combination with a solid and light aluminum construction and an excellent finish, it is ideal for sports, recreation or rent.


Several benefits it brings are:

– Lightweight and solid aluminum hull construction significantly contributes to lower fuel consumption

– Modern design allows great convenience and top new solutions.

– Excellent performance thanks to aluminum construction.

– Environmental benefits of recycling.

– Hypalon material (ORCA 828) as one of the highest quality construction materials according to EU standards.

– The vessel is registered until 27.04.2022.

– In sailing, especially in turns and normal maneuvers Highfield 560 Sport behaves well thanks to the moderate angle and depth of the V profile of the hull. This moderation ensures stability at higher gliding speeds when the speed exceeds 30 knots when the tubes stabilize lateral rolling and vibration. The hull softly absorbs smaller waves, which provides a satisfactory dose of safety for less experienced skippers.



YAMAHA F130 AETX (85 operating hours)

Water tank 100 L

Fuel Tank 105 L

Roll bar
Steering wheel
EVA teak
Highfield dry bag
Foot pump
Repair kit
Water separator
Bilge pump
Radar reflector




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Dolžina 5.66 m
Širina 3.82 m
Leto izdelave 2019
Rezervoar goriva 105 l
Rezervoar vode 100 l
Znamka motorja - tip YAMAHA
Moč motorja 130 kW
Gorivo Bencin
Št. ur motorja 85 h

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