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888 pristanov in zalivov, sedaj v barvah in z novimi, dopolnjenimi podatki. Knjiga je prenovljena in tekoče ažurirana za leto 2018. V njej so prikazani detajli zalivov in pristanišč s kratkimi opisi in oznakami za možnost priveza ter simboli za nevarne, ali pa neugodne vetrove, ki povzročijo na privezu samo neprijetno bibavico. V njem je tudi obilo ostalih uporabnih podatkov, kot so podatki o odpiralnih časih na bencinskih črpalkah, vse pomembne telefonske številke (kapitanij, marin zdravstvenih domov, …..) 

O knjigi:

  • izdaja: 6. dopolnjena izdaja
  • avtor: Karl-H. Bestandig
  • slovenska izdaja: Gorazd Cizej
  • strani: 120
888 pristanov in zalivov

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TechnoHull RIBS

MennYacht Group is proud to announce the new exclusive dealership for TechnoHull RIBS.

TECHNOHULL® was founded in 2005 and began its success story first on the local Greek market, than rapidly expended to the general Mediteranean market with a reputation of developing, designing and producing luxurious high performance innovative Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB’s). the success of the brand is the result of constant development, engineering solutions, highest quality of craftsmanship which TECHNOHULL® with its enthusiastic and detail oriented team proudly keeps in-house.

The mission: Since the company’s inception, TECHNOHULL®’s mission is based on four core values; extreme performance, perfect safety and seaworthiness, top efficiency and long distance traveling ability.

TechnoHull RIBS

Each element of a TECHNOHULL® RIB is produced and installed by highly expert in-house artisans, from the mould and hull layers to the teak decks. Every single unit is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull model to best fit the length and the different characteristics required by its owner. Highest quality materials are selected in every construction and finishing process. Top quality gelcoat colors, multi-directional fibers and high quality resins are standard in every boat. All TECHNOHULL® models are equipped with ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tube fabrics.

Vacuum infusion technology, epoxy materials and of course hand-laid polyester are all combined when producing GRP elements. Completing the sophisticated hull design, top quality techniques and materials are applied throughout - the required process for building a masterpiece. True epoxy vacuum infusion lamination with special multi-directional fabrics and foam cored layers, cured in a carefully controlled oven, ensure the absolute best construction process for a super strong, very lightweight boat. Many parts are built of pure carbon fiber, further reducing overall weight. Throughout the production process ISO 9001:2008 standards are strictly followed.

TechnoHull RIBS


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