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V knjigi Mayday je predstavljen izbor najbolj zanimivih in obenem tragičnih pomorskih nesreč, ki segajo od 2. svetovne vojne pa vse do sedanjosti. Vsem zgodbam v knjigi, ki opisujejo nenavadne pomorske avanture: žalostne, drzne, tragične, smešne ali komaj verjetne, je klic na pomoč - MAYDAY skupni imenovalec.

Iz vsebine:

  • Namesto uvoda
  • 117 dni na pragu smrti
  • Anatomija nekega brodoloma
  • Knjiga, ki ne bo napisana
  • Cena slave
  • Poročilo gospoda Roba Widdringtona, prvega častnika ameriške raziskovalne ladje Roger Rewelle
  • Ledena krsta
  • Panika v Sredozemlju
  • Dvakrat okoli Rta Horn
  • Torpedo - made in Germany
  • Morje z napako
  • Havenly tweens
  • Vihar viharjev - po dogodku posnet tudi film The perfect storm
  • Nori Viking na Antarktiki

Avtor Jože Mušič, mojster fotografije in filmar, jadralec, popotnik, vsestranski športnik in prvi Slovenec, ki je objadral svet. Je avtor in prevajalec številnih fotomonografij in potopisov: Melodije vetra, Zlati valovi, Dolga pot čez oceane ... 

Odlomek (117 dni na pragu smrti):

Dnevi so prešli v tedne, tedni v mesece, borba za preživetje je zahtevala vedno več napora. Napihljivi splav, ki jima je nudil edino zaščito, je razpadal, neprestano je bilo treba izmetavati vodo in črpati zrak. V dveh hudih viharjih sta izgubila streho nad splavom, kompas in nekaj plastenk z vodo; zbolela sta, dobila hude sončne opekline po telesu, zaradi slane vode pa boleče izpuščaje po koži. Podhranjena in dehidrirana sta se komaj še premikala. V štirih mesecih je plulo mimo sedem ladij, ne da bi ju kdo opazil. Bil je 117 dan.

Cena v prednaročilu: 19,99 EUR (do 1.4.2020)

Cena po izidu: 24,99 EUR

Darilo ob naročilu za prvih 30 kupcev – MOLITEV PRED PLOVBO (Joža Horvat).

Jože Mušič: MAYDAY

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With the Flyer 9 SUNdeck, BENETEAU once again demonstrates its mastery of space on board and further enhances the comfort features of the previous generation. Now, more than ever, the pleasure of driving this boat is combined with comfort of life on boat and ease of navigation. EXTERIOR DESIGN Optimized deck area, sporty design, the Flyer 9 SUNdeck is a wellcoming day-boat wit...
Thursday 06 Aug 2020

Studio F. A. Porsche’s iconic design values and world-class ergonomics create a uniquely stylish, luxurious and practical living space inside the GT6. The sleek panoramic deck saloon gives a wonderful 180° view and a cleverly inverted layout makes the best possible use of the spacious, broad-beamed hull. The galley is forward, right on top of the keel where the yacht’s motion at sea is mos...
Sunday 02 Aug 2020

To showcase innovative new models, provide a risk-free alternative to boat shows and offer the best possible yacht buying experience, Elan Yachts has created a unique Elan Yachting Experience (EYE) Centre in the beautiful resort town of Portorož on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast.

From October onwards, buyers who visit the new EYE Centre will be able to sail and evaluate all three series of Elan yachts – the exhilarating performance of the sporty E Line, the easy handling of the cruising Impression Line and the exclusive luxury of the new GT Line – while enjoying an Elan experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

The first three Elan models on show at the EYE Centre will be the brand new GT6, the best-selling I45.1 and the performance-oriented E4. More models will be added to the EYE Centre fleet in due course.

Two first-class experience packages are available, with five-star hotel accommodation and fine dining included. The one-day Elan Yachting Experience enables buyers to sail the Elan yacht on their shortlist in one of the world’s best cruising grounds. The two-day Elan Yachting Experience also includes a bespoke guided tour of the Elan shipyard in Begunje where buyers can inspect the hi-tech production facility and meet the craftsmen and composite engineers who build Elan yachts.

The EYE Centre also offers yacht buyers a much higher degree of personal safety. Slovenia has battled the COVID-19 crisis very effectively and is on the current Green List of most other countries around the world. Buyers can rest assured that comprehensive safety measures will be in place throughout their trip.

Thursday 23 Jul 2020

Elan GT6

Elan Yachts is pleased to announce that construction of the first Elan GT6 – the Slovenian shipyard’s brand new flagship model – was completed on Friday 17 July and is now being prepared for launch on the Adriatic coast.

A next-generation fast cruising yacht built in premium hi-tech materials with distinctively sleek lines and a unique, luxurious interior, the 49ft GT6 has a high-performance hull and sailplan drawn by Humphreys Yacht Design and is the first production sailing yacht ever to be styled by Studio F. A. Porsche.

Preliminary tests and sea trials of the first Elan GT6 will soon be under way. After a comprehensive optimisation process to maximise its performance and ease of handling, the GT6 will be available for public viewing from October onwards.

Take a look inside of new Elan GT6: Enjoy Elan GT6 360 experience


Tuesday 21 Jul 2020

The OCean Race 2022-23

The 14th running of the world’s toughest test of a team in sport will start in October 2022 with a Europe Race being considered for summer 2021...

Organisers of The Ocean Race have confirmed the next edition of the Race will start from Alicante, Spain, in October 2022 and finish in Genova, Italy, in the summer of 2023 during the 50th jubilee anniversary year of the Race.

For the first time in race history, further event timings have also been confirmed through the next 10 years and a feasibility study is currently underway for a European race to take place next summer.

The change to the start date for the next edition of the round the world race follows a strategic planning process and consultations with stakeholders to determine the best path forward in a sporting landscape impacted by COVID19.

“Since 1973, The Ocean Race has been one of the toughest challenges in sport. Winning teams have showcased that proper preparation is the foundation for success. We now find ourselves in unprecedented times and our first priority is with all those who have been and continue to be affected by the pandemic,” said Richard Brisius, the Race Chairman of The Ocean Race.

“As an international sporting competition, with stops on six continents, we are deeply connected to the changing reality of sailors, teams, cities and partners across the world. We have worked positively together over the past months to develop a stable and improved future, and this has led to the first ever 10-year plan of The Ocean Race, a 10-year plan adapted to the new reality in an innovative, sustainable and responsible way.

"This provides improved opportunities for sailors, teams, cities and partners to prepare properly for The Ocean Race and it gives fans something outstanding to look forward to over the coming years.”

The next edition of the Race, as planned, will be open to fully-crewed entries in the V065 and IMOCA60 class.

“Winning The Ocean Race is still a big ambition for me,” said Olympic and America’s Cup champion Peter Burling, who competed in the event for the first time in 2017-18. “I know how much effort and planning and preparation it takes to put together a successful campaign. Building in this extra year ahead of the next race increases the likelihood of strong, well-prepared teams being ready on the start line in Alicante. I think this is a well-considered and good decision.”

“The world has changed with COVID-19 and again we will witness the resilience of sailors, stakeholders and organisers of The Ocean Race,” said Chris Nicholson, co-founder, W-Ocean Racing, and a six-time veteran of the Race. “We have all lost significant time right at the crucial moment and this change is the right move. This will now allow us the time again to re-focus our efforts and be part of this great event.”

The full, award-winning sustainability programme, a core pillar of the Race, will continue to grow under the banner of Racing with Purpose. The Ocean Race Summits, the Education and Science Programmes are all being enhanced and integrated into all facets of the organisation of the Race.

“As the Founding Partner of the Sustainability Programme and Premier Partner of The Ocean Race, we stand in support of the decision to postpone the start by twelve months in response to the COVID-19 crisis,” said Jeremy Pochman, co-founder and CEO of 11th Hour Racing. “The impacts of this pandemic are myriad. 11th Hour Racing is committed to working with The Ocean Race and its partners to remain nimble and adapt to these challenges — with the goal of running a safe and sustainable Race in 2022-23."

Previously announced host cities and partners for the next edition of the Race will be involved for the 2022-23 event. Volvo Cars, Premier Partner of The Ocean Race, offered its unqualified support.

“We have been involved in The Ocean Race in one form or another for over 20 years now,” said Björn Annwall, Leader EMEA in the Executive Management Team at Volvo Cars. “We know the Race as the biggest challenge in sport. It attracts only the very best, where those best-prepared come out as winners. It is a responsible and insightful decision to adjust to the new realities now, as it allows for the athletes and other parties to prepare properly.

“For us The Ocean Race is more relevant than ever because the ocean is really symbolising communication and travel and trade, and all of those are powerful ways of creating cultural understanding.”

The process of arriving at these decisions involved outreach and consultation with stakeholders.

“We have been looking at the future of The Ocean Race and taking in honest feedback from our stakeholders around the world for some time now,” added Johan Salén, the Managing Director of the Race. “Moving the start date allows our host cities, teams and partners the time they need to best prepare for the next Race.

“But at the same time, we understood stakeholders were looking for confirmation of a longer term plan and enhancements to the Race, which we are also developing.”

The next three editions of The Ocean Race will be fully-crewed, around the world yacht races and will take place in 2022-23, in 2026-27 and in 2030-31.

Meaningful racing will be scheduled in between editions, and a European event in the summer of 2021, for IMOCA 60s and VO65s, and potentially other classes of fast racing yachts, is currently being considered for feasibility by the organisation along with registered teams and stakeholders.

“The Ocean Race Europe has been a vision and dream of ours and many others for a long time,” said Richard Brisius. “We imagine a race and festival for everyone that will inspire and unify across Europe. A celebration with engaged fans and athletes achieving the extraordinary while driving change for a healthier planet.

“We have been planning for The Ocean Race Europe to be held in between editions of The Ocean Race since we took responsibility for the Race last year. Originally we had been considering starting this in 2023, but we will now work with teams, cities, and partners to decide whether we should do it in the summer of 2021.”

For the 10 international host cities of The Ocean Race, the new calendar provides confirmation and clarity for the future.

Genova Mayor Marco Bucci said that hosting the finish of the Race in 2023 would be beneficial for the Italian stop, which is coming to the country for the very first time.

“Hosting the Grande Finale of The Ocean Race is something I know all of Genova and Italy is looking forward to,” Mayor Bucci said. “We had a small taste of how exciting it is when Genova and The Ocean Race work together when we hosted the first of The Ocean Race Summits back in September of last year.

“From our side, I know everyone involved with delivering this project for Genova will take advantage of the extra time we now have to ensure we have a truly special experience in 2023, which also happens to be the 50-year jubilee anniversary for the Race.

The OCean Race 2022-23

Tuesday 21 Jul 2020

DEHLER PRESENTS THE NEW INTERPRETATION OF THE PERFORMANCE CRUISER. The name Dehler stands for the embodiment of the original performance cruiser. It is a very special yacht that continues this tradition already firmly established in its name: the new Dehler 38SQ. With fascinating naturalness this model combines all facets of the passion for sailing: dynamic performance, perfec...
Wednesday 08 Jul 2020

Exterior The yacht’s level of comfort is made possible by its large volume, made even more friendly by the unique, gally-forward layout.  The U-shaped cockpit seating, the forward galley, and a large sundeck are signature features of the yacht. The Impression 50.1’s twin wheel and rudder system ensures better control and handling even in the most extreme conditions.
Thursday 18 Jun 2020

28.5.2020 was an important day for the company Burin Boats, the official distributor for Highfield brand. In the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana they opened their first showroom at 280 m2. The room is divided into two floors. On the ground floor, visitors will be able to check the different Highfield models according to the target group. The entire offer is also complemented by the Honda outboar...
Monday 01 Jun 2020

S O S - Season Opening Sailing Party 2020

SAVE THE DATE: 11. 6. – 14. 6. 2020 and join us on the traditional Season Opening Sailing Party 2020. (2nd edition)

We will start the sailing season in 2020 with S.O.S. - active and fun sailing weekend. Like in previous years, it will include a lot of sailing, internal regattas with navigation challenges, and will be accompanied also with many fun and entertaining activities.

We welcome all sailing lovers - with partners, friends or families, regarding your sailing experience.

Start in Marina Kastela Split & Marina Frapa Rogoznica , CROATIA

PRICE: 295 € / person.

Registrations and payments until 07. June 2020!

The price includes:
- sailing boat,
- transit log (200€ / boat)
- turist tax
- skipper,
- 1 x Just Perfect dinner
- evening socializing events and parties,
- official 8th S.O.S. CREW T-Shirt

The price does not include:
- fuel (around 10 € / person)
- moorings (around 10 – 20 € / person)
- food and drinks expect two dinners
- transfers and parking

Program outline:

The final program is defined a few days before the event, taking into consideration the weather forecast.

Registration and more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 386 51 604 395.

Sea U There!

Wednesday 27 May 2020


In relation with the application of the Decision on temporary ban of crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette Nos. 32/20 and 48/20) and the Decision on amendments to the same decision of 9th May 2020, following the previously published recommendations by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, here are our additional clarifications and instructions:

Croatian and foreign seafarers crossing the state border

Crew List
Marina Punat, Krk

  1. Croatian seafarers who are repatriated to the Republic of Croatia after signing off in any country of the world are no longer subject to the self-isolation measure.
  2. The latest amendments enable all foreign nationals to sign on aboard merchant ships and yachts that are berthed, laid-up or idle in the Republic of Croatia.
  3. Foreign nationals who are crew members after signing on aboard ship or yacht are not subject to the self-isolation measure onboard that vessel.
  4. Foreign nationals who are crew members of the ships and yachts already staying in the ports of the Republic of Croatia shall be allowed to enter the Republic of Croatia.
  5. Maritime agents, who, , organize the repatriation of seafarers from third countries to their homeland after their signing off in the Republic of Croatia, are recommended to provide in advance the necessary visas with a longer duration. Their travel arrangements should take into account possible restrictions in any of the transit countries in order for seafarers' return to take the shortest time possible.

Foreign nationals - owners of yachts and boats located in the Republic of Croatia

  1. This instruction applies to yachts and boats providing accommodation and multi-day stay onboard.
  2. Foreign nationals who own yachts and boats located in the Republic of Croatia may cross the state border upon presentation of documentation proving either the ownership of the vessel, or the entitlement to use the vessel (lease/leasing contract). The documentation proving the ownership should be also supported by berth usage contract and/or confirmation from the nautical port that the vessel is presently berthed in the respective marina.
  3. For vessels owned by a legal entity, foreign nationals who prove to be either the owners of the respective legal entity or a responsible person within the legal entity shall be considered owners of vessels within the meaning of these instructions.
  4. In addition to the owner of the vessel, his close family members may also cross the state border. When, in addition to the owner, members of his immediate family are to be on board, in addition to presenting the documents listed in point 2 above, it is necessary to present a completed List of crew and passengers of the yacht or boat for personal use attached to this instruction. To avoid unexpected crowds, marinas should confirm the arrival at the time indicated on the form.

Other foreign nationals crossing the state border

  1. Vessel charter, and/or using the accommodation service on ships, yachts and boats is considered a vitally important economic reason for coming to the Republic of Croatia that has to be evidenced by the List of crew and passengers entered in the eNautika system either by the charter company or by vessel's owner. The status of the document „Under preparation“ shall also be acceptable.
  2. The arrival of representatives of recognized foreign organizations (Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL; RINA…) in Croatian shipyards and ports for the purpose of extending the validity of existing certificates or issuing new ones to ships and yachts, shall be allowed upon presentation of an invitation from the respective Croatian shipyard, ship owner or agent.

Sailing in and navigation in the Republic of Croatia

  1. Foreign boats and yachts with the hull length below 24 meters are still prohibited to enter the Republic of Croatia.
  2. Ships entering the Republic of Croatia for lay-up (temporary standstill) in Croatian ports will be allowed to enter only provided that there are about 40-50 crew members on board during the major portion of the approved period of stay, unless the ship has obtained approval from the local civil protection headquarters.
  3. Navigation is permitted to all the ships, yachts and boats currently in the Republic of Croatia.
  4. During vessel's stay at berth in ports open to public traffic and nautical ports, it is necessary to prevent the passage of guests and crew members from one vessel to another.
  5. Vessels not provided with built-in automatic identification systems (AIS) or any other electronic navigation tracking system are recommended to keep records of all port callings from the beginning of their navigation to the end of the navigation.

All the above crew members and boaters are recommended to limit their visits to the shore only to the most necessary ones in the first 14 days of stay in the Republic of Croatia. These 14 days will also include the days of sailing or staying at the anchorage before arriving in the Republic of Croatia, during which they had no contacts with other persons.

In addition to the above, other epidemiological measures published by the Croatian Institute of Public Health are to be applied.

Nautical tourism ports, charter companies and boat owners for multi-day cruises are obliged to adjust their work and provision of services to specific recommendations issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Sunday 17 May 2020