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Celovit priročnik za voditelja čolna je odlična literatura za na plovilu in za pripravo na izpit za čoln na Upravi RS za pomorstvo.

Prvi celovit navtični priročnik za voditelja čolna, ki z vključenimi video vsebinami nudi vsa temeljna teoretična in praktična znanja:

  • 175 strani,
  • več kot 120 ilustracij,
  • več kot 110 videoposnetkov in
  • več kot 20 tabel.

Priročnik je tudi odlična literatura za pripravo na izpit za čoln.


Priročnik vsebuje vsa temeljna znanja naslednjih področij:

  • pomorski predpisi,
  • mornarska dela in veščine,
  • osnove navigacije,
  • pravila o izogibanju trčenju,
  • osnove motoroznanstva.

Ta področja predstavljajo predpisani izpitni program za voditelja čolna Uprave Republike Slovenije za pomorstvo.

Priročnik za voditelja čolna na morju

Last video

Charlie Dalin,  APIVIA, Vendee Globe

Overnight only race leader Charlie Dalin (Apivia) is the only skipper among the top 10 to have  managed to hold speeds in double figures as the leaders of the Vendée Globe continue their slow but steady progress south, trying to wriggle their way across a band of light winds to get to the Southern Ocean.

Dalin and second placed Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) are desperately trying to track and stay with the breezes they have, a narrow, isolated band of wind which they are working to get the most, Successfully staying under this wind flow could reward them with a perfectly timed arrival on the top of an eastwards moving low pressure system which in weather modelling would slingshot them east to more than double their 298 miles lead on third placed Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!). Dalin is certainly benefiting from leading into stronger breeze and appears to have a faster sail combination, likely a spinnaker, than his rival Ruyant. Their regime is demanding, manoeuvre, nav station, rest. Repeat, as described by Ruyant this morning tracking the wind in real time is key. 

“We spend time at the chart table to find the way. We know the basics, but there are a lot of subtleties to deal with and, for now, Charlie (Dalin) does it very, very well. My position in second  with a good cushion behind me is quite satisfying but we are not in the Indian Ocean yet. That is to say we are far from the goal. There is a rhythm from the star and thay is still the case, and there will be more in the coming days we will run through the whole sail inventory and combinations." 

Behind the top duo, Le Cam is sticking to his philosophy of sailing fewest miles, working a more direct route, always on the inside of the fleet relative to the centre of the Saint Helena high pressure which is now to their north. He seems intent on staying with this straight line to the SE and working as best he can through the very light winds which are ahead of him. Le Cam has repositioned slightly to put himself directly ahead of Kevin Escoffier.

In contrast Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2) gybed away from the second pack yesterday afternoon and is looking to work a more direct course due south. He will forego south-eastwards miles in the short term – the optimal direction – but believes that his gain will be by getting reaching a fast moving train ride east.

Meantime Alex Thomson has clearly been on the nightshift on HUGO BOSS. After resuming race mode yesterday afternoon, taking the opportunity to trundle down the track in relatively benign breezes and flat seas after the first phase of his repairs to the internal longitudinal framing in the bow of his IMOCA, the British skipper followed his plan to work the cooler night hours to finish his laminating repairs. As a consequence he has been slow during the night and slipped to seventh but he is in a good pack of boats and is very much still in the race.

Charlie Dalin,  APIVIA, Vendee Globe

Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

Elan Yachts; Elan GT6, Rob Humphreys ,Tom Humphreys

Elan Yachts has brought together the expertise of designers Tom and Rob Humphreys and luxury motorcar manufacturer, Porsche to create their line of GT luxury cruisers, which are bringing about a sea change in the performance cruiser market.

The relationship between Elan Yachts and Humphreys Yacht Design has been developed over many years, bringing an array of impressive cruising yachts to market. But with the GT5, and now the latest GT6, Elan is making luxury cruisers to take on the world’s best. The GT6 in particular can boast not only the fine design skills of Tom and father Rob Humphreys, but also the talents of designers from luxury motorcar marque, Porsche to help design a truly remarkable performance cruiser.

“As an office, we’ve always had a very close affinity with Elan,” explains designer Tom Humphreys. “We’ve been working together for 25 years now and definitely have a special connection with the Elan brand.

Elan Yachts; Elan GT6, Rob Humphreys ,Tom Humphreys

“But I’m really excited about the new developments in the GT range. That line is going in a great direction to make it a little more luxury and more owner-focused. The GT range is all about taking the liveaboard comfort up another level”

When it comes to making a luxury cruiser that is also sporty enough to give an owner everything they crave in terms of pure sailing performance, Humphreys Yacht Design and Elan Yachts have been able to draw on their years of designing together, and technological advances in construction techniques, to deliver a performance cruiser that works for owners looking for a step up in terms of both onboard luxury and performance.

“Designing a yacht is obviously always a technical challenge, and that’s something we really enjoy, but in a sense, the biggest challenge is fulfilling an owner’s expectations,” explains Rob Humphreys.

“There is a great pride of ownership and that is really important for us. We want owners to feel really proud of their boats, and tell their friends “I’ve got a whatever,” whether it’s a race boat or a luxury cruiser.”

“For the GT6, we worked very closely with the Elan in-house team, getting a wish-list of what they would like to see on the boat,” Tom Humphreys states.

“Elan were very early adopters with the whole resin infusion process and in adopting vinylester as a resin system. That has allowed fairly significant changes, because it results in quite a bit of weight reduction on the composite structure parts.

Elan Yachts; Elan GT6, Rob Humphreys ,Tom Humphreys

“Really you can look at the GT6 as an evolution of everything we’ve done with Elan up to now, even building on the previous GT5 model.

“It’s a fast-cruising yacht with a very comfortable interior. It is a great concept and very much an owner’s yacht.”

“For us the process has all been about trying to optimise all these features that go into making it a really comfortable, well-mannered, easily managed design,” adds Rob Humphreys. “And the work Elan have developed in-house with the Porsche team, means the overall model makes for a unique boat with a big future.”

Getting the features right

The work Tom and Rob Humphreys have been doing in recent years on some short-handed offshore and ocean-going performance yachts was key to the development of the GT6, particularly in creating a hull form that can deliver easy performance with a short-handed couple in mind.

“Simple sail handling systems are key, as is a well-proportioned rig to keep sail handling easy and simple,” Say Tom Humphreys. “But that must all be balanced by the hull and appendages, and the righting moment to keep loads manageable. It’s also very important to make sure it’s a really easy, fun and enjoyable boat to sail, that balances nicely on the different sail configurations and in different sea states.

“In terms of the features, the twin rudders are a key ingredient to the whole thing, coupled with the fairly high form stability hull form. The high form stability gives us many benefits. Obviously, from a physical point of view it gives us quite a high internal volume, which has significant and obvious benefits in terms of creating a luxury cruising yacht. It also allows us to carry or share a lot of the righting moment requirements and carry that in the hull form. That means we can look at moderating the keel ballast weight, which all helps to drive the displacement down and thus increase the performance of the hull.”

Elan Yachts; Elan GT6, Rob Humphreys ,Tom Humphreys

Both Tom and Rob Humphreys point to the regular repeat customers Elan achieves as a key element in helping them develop each new model and focus their direction by drawing on the vast amount of input from the owner’s side. This means they can be sure the direction they have taken in recent boats like the GT6 and before that the GT5 are what owners are looking for. Increasing performance from a luxury cruiser has shown time and again to be an important factor, so too increasing usability for short-handed crews. As such the design team are able to deliver the GT6, with its increased internal volume to allow a more luxury feel below, but also keep performance by reducing displacement, all in a hull that is easy to get to maximum performance from, with features like the twin rudders helping to deliver ease of use for couples.

“As the clients demand more from their yachts and from their new Elan models, all this information that’s generated really helps to flow into each new project,” concludes Tom Humphreys.

“I mean, it’s what we are all striving to do, isn’t it? Improve and constantly evolve each project as much as we can, and refine the balance of all the different criteria to all these designs. It certainly helps being able to draw on that wide knowledge base, and the GT6 is a product of just that.”


Thursday 19 Nov 2020

Nicolas Trousel, Corum L'Epargne, Vendee Globe

French skipper Nicolas Troussel who was lying in seventh place in the Vendée Globe has dismasted on CORUM L’Épargne this morning. He was racing south in brisk NE’ly trade wind conditions some 260 nautical miles NW of the Cape Verde islands.

Troussel was not injured and is in the process of securing the boat before further assessing the situation after sunrise.

Foto: © Eloi Stichelbaut / polaRYSE / CORUM L’Epargne

Monday 16 Nov 2020

Alex Thomson, Hugo Boss, Vendee Globe

It has been a profitable night south of the Azores for Alex Thomson as the British skipper opened miles on the pack which are chasing him as they head south to deal with Theta the tropical storm which is in their path. 

The solo skipper of HUGO BOSS gained 37 miles overnight on Nico Troussel (Corum L’Épargne), the racer closest to his course, and now leads second placed Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) by 31 miles this morning, the veteran French skipper now sailing a route some nine miles east of Thomson’s.

At the northerly edge of storm Theta this morning, Charlie Dalin (Apivia) gybed west at around 0300hrs this morning, electing to take what would be considered a safer route. His course had him more than 90 miles west of Thomson and Le Cam who are both on their fifth Vendée Globe races.

The leading boats were accelerating into more wind, "At the moment I have good conditions, 20-25kts and am under one reef and code zero." confided Nicolas Troussel  when contacted this morning on the phone. I will not delay in reducing sail ”

Sebastien Destremau, Vendee Globe

Reducing sail area, going on to a smaller headsail, taking a second reef - is on the agenda for the next few hour as the winds will increase significantly as they head closer to the centre of the storm, but some will probably gybe too, avoiding too strong conditions, while at the same time going early enough to make a safe gybe. Both Troussel and sixth placed Benjamin Dutreux (OMIA-Water Family both confirmed their plans to gybe. Meanwhile it will be interesting to see the routes of Thomson and Le Cam, the 61 year old French skipper is racing the 2007 boat he sailed to sixth in the last edition. Le Cam was second in 2004, abandoned in 2008 when he memorably capsized off Cape Horn and was fifth in 2012. .

The gaps will widen
While the leaders get ready to put on heavy gear, the mood is different in the middle and at the back of the pack. In the northeast and as far as the Azores, part of the fleet crosses an area of ​​lighter wind. The gaps are therefore likely to widen between them and the leaders over the course of this 5th day at sea.

Fabrice Amédéo, who left Les Sables d'Olonne on the evening of on November 10 after his technical stoppage, is tacking near the cliffs of northern Spain.

Finally, on the edge of the Bay of Biscay, Jérémie Beyou continues his journey towards the French coasts at moderate speed. He is just under 300 miles from the Vendée.

Foto: © Jean-Marie Liot / Alea / VG2020

Friday 13 Nov 2020

Highfield Sport 560

Highfield Boats has launched a new Highfield SPORT collection of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) for the 2021 model year.

The collection introduces 11 new, aluminium-hulled, outboard-powered RIB models ranging from 3m to 8m. The SP300, SP330, SP360, SP390, SP420, SP460, SP520, SP560, SP650, SP700, and SP800 replace the Highfield Deluxe and Classic Deluxe series and offer boat owners a wide range of hull sizes and equipment options.

Another level

Highfield Boats chief executive, Julien Carussi believes the new RIBs will appeal to buyers as a prestige tender. “The SPORT range will take the brand to yet another level, entering the deluxe RIB day boat segment for the first time and leveraging the brand into new territory,” he said.

Featuring a new, Italian-inspired interior design the RIBs have EVA foam faux-teak decking, LED lighting, diamond-stitch upholstery and electric bilge pumps. Models starting with the SP520 and larger also are equipped with swim platforms. Options for the series (depending on model) include watersports tow posts and bimini tops, sunpads and sport arches and built-in freshwater showers.

The 300 - 360 models are compact, easy-to-store ergonomic tenders, whilst the 390 - 460 models are suitable for boats with larger decks and swim platforms. These RIBS also can double as day boats.

The 650 and 700 models are based on the successful hull used for chase boats in sailing events such as the Vendée Globe, ORC and Extreme Sailing Series whilst the flagship of the SPORT series, the SP800, has a hull created by racing hull designer, Petter Martens.

Highfield Sport 330

Thursday 12 Nov 2020

As the flagship of the latest generation of sport cruisers by BENETEAU, the Gran Turismo 50 stands apart. Her elegant profile, full-space main deck, and onboard technology will win over connoisseurs of beautiful objects and thrill-seekers alike. Yacht was designed in famous Sloveniar-Italian design studio Nuvolari & Lenard. Luxorious and comfortable interior design wa done by Andreani Design...
Tuesday 27 Oct 2020

Wally Yachts, 43wallytender

Wally Yachts has revealed a 13 metre new tender model named the 43wallytender. Developed by Wally with Ferretti Group’s technical engineering department, the 43wallytender builds on the group’s successful 48wallytender model.

Constructed in advanced composite at Ferretti Group’s Forli-based facility, the 43wallytender will be available in a range of eye-catching colours.

The first unit is currently under production and due for completion in August. Featuring a “striking iridescent green hull” dubbed “gator green” in reference to Wally’s first sailing yacht the Wallygator, the first hull will be unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.

Key features of the new model include a new ‘centre cockpit’ design that combines “the protection of the cockpit with the practicality and access of a walkaround”.

Wraparound glass will cocoon those onboard from three sides while the T-Top will shelter from above.

Elsewhere, the 43wallytender, which has been specifically designed for driver experience, easy handling and performance, will feature a flush, open deck space behind the cockpit.

Storage in the aft sunbed will be large enough to swallow Seabobs, wakeboards, scuba diving tanks and other small water toys.

Powered by a pair of Volvo Penta diesel 380hp engines, 43wallytender will have a top speed of 36 knots. Owners also have the option to upgrade to twin 440hp engines for predicted top speeds of more than 40 knots.

Speaking about the new model, chief designer and founder of Wally, Luca Bassani, said: “Our team has worked tirelessly to create a new tender that perfectly meets the multifunctional needs of today’s owners while also staying true to our Wally design philosophy. You will not find a single item onboard that does not serve a purpose in its purest, simplest and most beautiful form.”

Wally managing director Stefano de Vivo added: “Upholding Wally’s customary cool aesthetics and extraordinary performance, this latest addition to the Wally family is sure to be a benchmark of the future.”

Wally Yachts, 43wallytender

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020

The two architects behind this free-flowing, wonderfully nimble 54-footer are Roberto Biscontini and Lorzenzo Argento, whose creation paves the way for a new generation of high-end cruisers that optimize cockpit and interior layouts without any sacrifices to performance, practicality, or comfort. The yacht carries the unmistakable DNA of the Oceanis range, a delicate balance of form and func...
Thursday 08 Oct 2020

Following in the wake of her elder sister the Oceanis 51.1, this 40-foot cruiser, with a new hull design by Marc Lombard, offers unrivalled deck volume and interior space, an there are no concessions to performance. The 12-metre long Oceanis 40.1 is available in different layouts, draughts and rigs, adapting to the most demanding sailor’s cruising requirements and satisfying their need for ...
Tuesday 22 Sep 2020

European Boat of the year 2020

The European Yacht of the Year Award is the most important, influential and most widely communicated boatbuilding prize worldwide. Which yacht will receive the prize in category will be known on the first day of Boot fair in Dusseldorf in January next year.

Next year we will have only three winners.

These are the nominees:

Family Cruiser:

Elan GT6

Length: 15.20 m ● Beam: 4.49 m ● Draft: 2.45 m ● Displacement: 12.45 t ● Sail area: 113.7 sqm

European Boat of the year 2020


Oceanis 40.1

Length: 12.87 m ● Beam: 4.18 m ● Draft: 2.17 m ● Displacement: 7.9 t

European Boat of the year 2020


Bavaria C42

Length: 12.38 m ● Width: 4.29 m ● Draft: 2.10 m (opt. 1.70 m) ● Displacement: 9.7 t ● Sail area: 100.6 sqm

European Boat of the year 2020


Bali Catspace

Length: 12.31 m ● Beam: 6.56 m ● Draft, boards up: 1.10 m ● Displacement: 12.8 t ● Sail area: 101 sqm

European Boat of the year 2020


Excess 11

Length: 11.33 m ● Beam: 6.59 m ● Draft: 1.15 m ● Displacement: 9 t ● Sail area: 77 sqm

European Boat of the year 2020


Luxury Cruiser:

Contest 55CS

European Boat of the year 2020

Hallberg-Rassy 40C

European Boat of the year 2020

Moody 41 DS

European Boat of the year 2020


Bluewater Cruiser:

Boreal 47.2

European Boat of the year 2020

Garcia Explocat 52

European Boat of the year 2020

Ovni 400

European Boat of the year 2020

Pegasus 50

European Boat of the year 2020

Viator Explorer 42 DS

European Boat of the year 2020



Friday 18 Sep 2020