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Knjiga »Z jadrnico čez Arktiko« je četrta knjiga Mirana Tepeša, ki je doslej že trikrat objadral svet. Knjiga je jadralski potopis z zelo drugačne in zahtevne morske poti po ledenih morjih, med odročnimi otoki. V knjigi so na 256 straneh opisane dogodivščine s poti čez Arktiko in popestrene s 383 barvnimi fotografijami in zemljevidi. V prvem delu je opisana pot z jadrnico od Istre na Jadranskem morju preko Atlantskega oceana do Kanade in Grenlandije. V osrednjem delu so opisane dogodivščine z jadranja čez Arktiko po Severozahodnem prehodu od Grenlandije med kanadskimi arktičnimi otoki in okoli Aljaske do Tihega oceana. V zadnjem delu pa so opisane dogodivščine med jadranjem čez Beringovo morje, čez Aljaški zaliv in po Britanski Kolumbiji.

»Arktika je morska pokrajina s številnimi otoki. Led na morju se je nad Severno Ameriko v zadnjih desetletjih večino poletij za nekaj tednov dovolj umaknil ali razredčil, da je bilo z izjemo treh let Arktiko mogoče prejadrati, a ne na lahek način, zato je jadranje čez Arktiko zame postalo izziv.« – Miran Tepeš

Arktika je območje na severu zemeljske oble, ki obdaja severni zemljepisni tečaj in leži nad severnim tečajnikom. Večino leta, marsikje pa vseskozi, je to območje prekrito z ledom in snegom.

Statistiko o plovbi čez Arktiko vodi “Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge”, Velika Britanija. Do leta 2024 je Severozahodni prehod med Atlantikom in Pacifikom, v eno ali drugo smer, preplulo 393 plovil vseh vrst, od ledolomilcev in različnih velikih motornih ladij do jadrnic. Skokica 3 je prvo slovensko plovilo, ki je prejadralo ali preplulo Severozahodni prehod.

Miran Tepeš - Z jadrnico čez Arktiko

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Following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe and the travel restrictions currently in place, the 44Cup Organising Authority has decided to cancel the 44Cup Portoroz, which would have taken place from the 22 - 26 April 2020.

The safety and well-being of the sailors and the 44Cup’s personnel is the main priority of the Class. The 44Cup Organising Authority will continue to work with its local event organisers, teams and stakeholders to monitor the situation as it develops.

Monday 16 Mar 2020

Clipper Round the World Race

The fleet departed for the Leg 6 of the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race today from Subic Bay, Philippines. Race 9, the first of two races to make up the sixth stage, will see the fleet of eleven stripped out 70-foot yachts race offshore in the South China Sea. The second race will be the ‘big one’, the North Pacific Ocean crossing to Seattle.

Race 9, named the WTC Logistics Tri-Race is short by Clipper Race standards, but still longer than most renowned offshore races. The hot tropical race, will take the Clipper Race fleet on a fast, triangular sprint of approximately 750nm in total. The race is made up of three individual Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint sections between virtual gates.

Race Director, Mark Light said:

“It's going to be a short snappy race. Traditionally you’d get the northeast monsoon wind conditions but these can be interspersed with very light patches and sometimes very little wind. This means the race is going to be really tactical; when there is breeze, it is going to be fast and energetic, and a lot of high intensity racing.”

Managed by designated lead skipper Rich Gould, of WTC Logistics, the Le Mans Race Start will take place at approx at 1900 LT (1100 UTC).

Many new faces have joined the teams in Subic Bay and Race 9 is the perfect opportunity to integrate the crew ahead of what is dubbed ‘the big one’. Before the start later today, all teams will be completing the mandatory refresher training required at the start of each new leg.

Ahead of Race Start Seattle skipper David Hartshorn said:

“We’ve had a quite a big changeover of crew this time, some crew who are rejoining, having been on board for earlier legs, and a few new joiners. There is a little apprehension but there is a good team feeling on board and everyone has settled in nicely.

There is a lot of energy bouncing around, which is good, we’re going to really focus on getting the watches working smoothly because the next big challenge will be the North Pacific Ocean to our home port of Seattle.

“We’re looking at this upcoming race as a really positive, live training session, with the opportunity to get more points!”

Race 9 is expected to take between four and five days to complete with the fleet anticipated to return back into Subic Bay Yacht Club between 14-15 March.

So far, the Clipper Race fleet has raced over 22,000nm since the 2019-20 edition started from London in September 2019 with stopovers in Portimao, Portugal; Punta del Este Uruguay; Cape Town, South Africa; Fremantla and the Whitsundays, Australia; to the Philippines. The route for Legs 5 and 6 of the 2019-20 edition has been amended due to the outbreak of COVID-19, resulting in the planned stopovers in Sanya, Zhuhai and Qingdao, China being cancelled.

Following the fleet’s return to Subic Bay at the end of Race 9 Seattle is the next destination on the global route.

Clipper Round the World Race

Tuesday 10 Mar 2020

Solaris Power is constantly redefining the concept of traditional American lobster boats and is now introducing the 48 Open. The new Solaris Power 48 Open offers a number of features that are unique in the category. Sophisticated ...
Thursday 27 Feb 2020

Volvo Penta recieves innovation award for its DPI drive

Volvo Penta has been recognized at the German boat show - boot Dusseldorf. Presented at the prestigious Flagship Night within the category of European Powerboat of the Year 2020, the award recognizes the industry-leading features of Volvo Penta’s all-new aquamatic sterndrive. Introduced during 2019 as part of the company’s next generation D4/D6 propulsion system, the DPI drive further enhances Volvo Penta’s trademark easy boating experience.

Technology behind the DPI

The DPI drive has been designed to deliver enhanced performance, easier maintenance and greater reliability for boat owners. The new hydraulic clutch ensures a silent and smooth shifting, as well as slipping at low engine speeds, resulting in added maneuverability and higher comfort at slower boat speeds. The hydraulic clutch, together with electric steering – which is now standard for DPI – gives an improved joystick docking function. The DPI driveline now also comes with Dynamic Positioning System, which automatically maintains a boat’s heading and position, even during strong currents or windy conditions – ideal when preparing for docking.

“Once again, Volvo Penta has set new benchmarks in drive technology. The hydraulic clutch of the DPI drive enables silent, low-wear shifting. In addition, the electric steering unit provides greater convenience and safety in practice,” explains BOOTE’s editor-in-chief Torsten Moench, summarizing the jury’s motivation for the award.

Having an efficient driveline is an essential part of delivering outstanding boat performance, and necessary to provide an integrated ‘easy boating’ experience. Continuous innovation in driveline technology is a factor that Volvo Penta has taken to heart across its innovations over the years – with the new DPI driveline as the latest example.

“This recognition reinforces our longstanding commitment to innovation in the boating industry,” says Johan Inden, President of Volvo Penta Region Europe. “We are in a technology revolution, and our innovation focus is to use the new technologies to further enhance the easy boating experience. At the same time, delivering power into the water in an efficient way continues to be a basic need for boating. Our new, future focused DPI delivers a winning combination of innovation and efficiency to enhance the experience for both present and future boaters.”

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

The two architects behind this free-flowing, wonderfully nimble 54-footer are Roberto Biscontini and Lorzenzo Argento, whose creation paves the way for a new generation of high-end cruisers that optimize cockpi...
Thursday 27 Feb 2020

This highly innovative long distance cruising yacht is notable for being the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, designed to reduce heel angle, increase speed and dampen pitching to improve comfort.

She is also fitted with a sophisticated diesel electric propulsion and hydro-generating system reducing the use of fossil fuel and enabling the yacht to be used for long periods in ‘silent’ mode.

Vibration and noise levels are further reduced by using an electric propulsion motor powered by lithium ion batteries charged by a combination of traditional generators and propeller driven hydro-generation.

Canova is designed to sail quickly, comfortably and efficiently and in addition her owner wants to be able to maintain and service the yacht without the need for specialist shipyard help in remote parts of the world.

The combination of her large deck saloon, which forms the focal point of her accommodation, and her large, well-appointed cockpit which is protected by a long solid bimini, provides a superb living space while sailing.

An impressive package of new technology will make her a genuinely remarkable project, underlining the company’s position as the world’s leading builder of super-sailing yachts.


Early results using DSS in medium and stronger winds have exceeded expectations. On a beam reach in 14 knots of true wind, measurements show heeling reduced by some 34 per cent. Upwind in 24 knots of wind heeling is reduced by an impressive 28 per cent and pitching by more than 40 per cent.

In order to achieve the same reduction in pitching an additional 33,000kg would be required in the keel bulb.
A reduction in leeway also results in increased velocity made good (VMG). Further findings will be made available as more research is carried out.

Read more: Baltic Yachts


Friday 07 Feb 2020

Full details of Elan Yachts’ next-generation flagship model, the Elan GT6, have been revealed at the world’s biggest boat show, Boot Düsseldorf. The prototype GT6 is still in build at Elan’s shipyard in Slovenia, but high-resolution renders ...
Friday 31 Jan 2020

Marina Punat, sense4boat

As the safety of all boats in the marina is our common goal, all contract vessels are entitled to free sensors for detecting water intrusion, smoke or risky temperatures, as follows:
— bilge sensor
— smoke sensor (sailboats) or high temperature sensor (motorboats)


Read more about it HERE.

Book your appointment at the Yacht Service as soon as possible

Marina Punat, sense4boat

The winter months are passing fast and there is less and less time to prepare your boat for the upcoming season. If you tidied up your boat after sailing and did everything necessary for a carefree winter, then you should be ready for the season.

You have probably already announced and arranged all the necessary works. If not, it is time to do so, because our service zone will be crowded soon and it will not always be possible to get a mechanic, electrician, carpenter, spare parts, lift appointments…

Read more about it HERE.

Tel. +385 51 654 120, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New - power connection service for battery charging

During the winter months when the boats are stationary, we offer a new service to owners of contracted vessels with an annual berth in the sea. Connection of the boat to electrical power for battery charging under the marina’s supervision. If the boat is equipped with SENSE4BOAT smart sensors which monitor battery voltage, the Marina Punat staff will connect the vessel to the power grid when the alert from the sensor is received.

Immediately after the charging begins, the owner will be notified by email that the charging has started, and upon completion of the charging and battery voltage stabilization, the owner will be informed that the charging is complete.

For technically sound boats, the owner can order battery charging at a preferential price provided that a few more conditions are met (the boat must be equipped with a SENSE4BOAT engine temperature control sensor or an automatic fire extinguishing system in the engine room, or with the SENSE4BOAT smoke sensor in the saloon).  

Read more about the conditions and the order form at

Free mobile app

Marina Punat, sense4boat

We have already written about the PROACTIVE BOAT CARE innovation which was conceptually designed at Marina Punat. For the last 5 years, contracted boat owners are given insight into the surveillance and activities that the Marina Punat staff carry out daily on their boat. Through weekly reports, owners receive an email with an overview of the performed activities and the latest photo of the boat.

In order to make this service even more accessible, boat owners with an annual berth at the marina can now monitor the staff activities on their boats in real time VIA THE FREE MOBILE APP.

The app sends a notification to your phone for each recorded staff activity.

The SENSE4BOAT mobile app is available for download on the Google Play or App Store

Marina Club Card – new benefits

Marina Punat, sense4boat

Marina Club Card users have a 10% discount this year on services at the Marina Restaurant and 9 Bofora bistro. The discount applies to all types of payment.

In addition, by the end of February they get a 30% discount on the price of travel lifts, and a 50% discount for daily and monthly accommodation on land due to works on the boat.

Accommodation at Hotel Kanajt is also 10% reduced if you have the Marina Club Card.

All benefits are available HERE.

Thursday 23 Jan 2020

SAVE THE DATE: 10. 4. – 13. 4. 2020 and
join us on the traditional Easter Season Opening Sailing Party 2020.
We will start the sailing season in 2020 with S.O.S. - active and fun sailing weekend. Like in previous years, it will include a lot of sailing, internal regattas with navigation challenges, and will be accompanied also with many fun and entertaining activities.
We welcome all sailing lovers - with partners, friends or families, regarding your sailing experience.

Start in Marina Kastela Split, CROATIA
295 € / person.
275 € / person for everybody that was already present on at least one Just Perfect Y.C. sailing event.
Registrations and payments until 01. April 2020!

The price includes:
- sailing boat,
- transit log (200€ / boat)
- turist tax
- skipper,
- 1 x Just Perfect dinner
- evening socializing events and parties,
- official 8th S.O.S. CREW T-Shirt
- event organization and coordination

The price does not include:
- fuel (around 10 € / person)
- moorings (around 10 – 20 € / person)
- food and drinks expect two dinners
- transfers and parking

Program outline:
… arrival and overnight stay on the boats is possible already on Thursday 09.4. evening
- Friday, 10.4.: check in, skippers meeting ,sailing to Hvar - Sveta Nedelja, dinner in konoba
- Saturday 11.4.: skippers meeting, sailing to Korcula - Vela Luka, dinner on boats, anchor party
- Sunday, 12.4.: skippers meeting, internal regatta with navigation challenges to Hvar town Hvar, Just Perfect Y.C. dinner in konoba, party
- Monday, 13.4.: sailing back to initial marina, check out, group photo and going home

The final program is defined a few days before the event, taking into consideration the weather forecast.

Registration and more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 386 51 604 395.

Sea U There!

Thursday 23 Jan 2020


Volvo Penta ventures into new waters by expanding its IPS propulsion system to the larger semi-displacement yachting segment with the updated D13 IPS 1350 semi-displacement (SD). The new edition Volvo Penta D13 propulsion system’s torque curve has been expertly modified to cope with higher thrust loads at slower speeds. The D13 IPS 1350 SD also has a wider speed range down to 19 knots (former 25 knots).

With this new edition D13 IPS1350 also comes the introduction of two new propellers to the Q-series – the QS4 and QS5 – both will only be allowed for use with the new D13 IPS 1350 SD.

One of the key advantages of the new edition D13 propulsion system is that a wider range of boaters can use the IPS features which were, previously, not available for larger, semi-displacement yachts. The key advantages of the Volvo Penta IPS, compared to inboard shaft installations are the increased onboard comfort, increased fuel efficiency and longer range. As an integrated marine propulsion system, the Volvo Penta IPS also delivers an intuitive onboard experience through simple joystick control. The individually steerable IPS drives – controlled by the joystick – make for ultra-responsive handling and pilot-like control when maneuvering and docking. This allows owners to navigate in tight spaces, perform tricky maneuvers and maintain outstanding stability in all sea conditions. Additionally, onboard features are integrated from the helm to the propellers, delivering a seamless experience for the driver.

“Recently, we have seen a trend of larger yachts going down in speed,” explains Björn Rönnvall, Product Manager Volvo Penta. “We wanted to be able to bring the benefits of our IPS system to these larger slower semi-displacement yachts and that is what we have achieved with this update.”

The new D13 IPS 1350 SD edition is already bringing the IPS boating dream to life for the larger yachting segment – the Absolute Navetta 73, ISA 93 Extra and the Arcadia Sherpa XL are all powered by the new edition IPS 1350 SD, as well as, the Mangusta 33 – to be unveiled this year.

“This is a great achievement both for our customers but also for Volvo Penta as a business” says Rönnvall. “We can now offer our IPS system to a wider and larger size range of yachts than ever before.”

Absolute Navetta 73 with D13 IPS 1350

Photo: Volvo Penta,

Tuesday 14 Jan 2020

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