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Baterije BlueCell so novost na slovenskem trgu. So posebej primerne za uporabo na plovilih. Namenjene so za uporabo kot servisne baterije. Imajo izjemno kapaciteto, majhno težo in izjemno veliko življenjsko dobo, ki je tudi do desetkrat daljša od klasičnih trakcijskih ali gel akumulatorjev. Zaradi napredne tehnologije in številnih komponent, ki ščitijo baterijo pred poškodbami, je garancija, ki jo nudijo proizvajalci, bistveno daljša od klasičnih svinčenih baterij. Kvalitetnejše litijeve baterije imajo tudi do 3-letno garancijo.

Za kaj so litijeve baterije prihodnost v navtiki

Litijeve baterije prinašajo največjo prednost kot porabniške oziroma servisne baterije. Njihove največje prednosti so:

  1. dvakrat večja uporabna kapaciteta
  2. za polovico manjša teža
  3. trikrat daljša garancijska doba
  4. do desetkrat daljša življenjska doba
  5. nadzor porabe preko bluetooth povezave in aplikacije
  6. samodejni nadzor polnjenja in praznjenja baterije
  7. zaščita pred kratkim stikom
  8. možnost priklopa solarnih celic
  9. možnost vzporedne ali zaporedne vezave več baterij (večja napetost ali kapaciteta sistema)
  10. zelo nizko praznjenje v času mirovanja
  11. stabilna napetost baterije vse do 95 % izpraznjenosti
  12. ni vzdrževanja


Tehnične lastnosti

  • velikost: 33 x 17 x 23 cm 
  • kapaciteta: 100 Ah
  • napetost 12 V
  • življenjska doba: 2000 ciklov pri praznjenju do 100%
  • življenjska doba: 3500 ciklov pri praznjenju do 80%
  • življenjska doba: 6000 ciklov pri praznjenju do 50%
  • teža: 12,5 kg
  • garancija: 3 leta

Dodatne informacije na: (031) 30 30 86 ali

BlueCell 100 Ah 12 V BT - Navtična Litijeva baterija z Bluetooth

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Beneteau First 36, Burin Boats, Seascape

The BENETEAU First 36 has a mission to bridge the gap between high-tech development in the world of racing and mainstream racer-cruisers. To be specific, even the standard version of First 36 will fully plane in a moderate breeze.

However, this by itself was not the main challenge for the design and production teams. For 40 years, the Firsts were successfully hitting the elusive sweet spot between comfort, performance, utility, elegance, high-tech construction, and reasonable price. The First 36 is no different.

Key points:

  • Very low displacement that brings the experience of planing into the hands of amateur sailors
  • Carefully designed deck layout for short-handed and fully crewed racing
  • Practical three-cabin interior with innovative details for cruising


The design team is coordinated by the experienced hand of Kristian Hajnšek, CTO of Seascape, who works closely with the team at BENETEAU to bring race-grade construction technologies into the segment of production racer-cruisers. On top of this hugely experienced team, we added an elite international group of designers; all of them are passionate sailors in their own right.

Naval architect: Samuel Manuard
He is currently the hottest name in offshore racing, where his designs are winning Mini, Class 40, and IMOCA 60 classes. He is also the designer of the new First and First SE from 14ft to 27ft.

Structural engineering: Pure Design & Engineering
The team from New Zealand was in charge of engineering at some of the most extreme projects in the world of extreme sailing: TP52s, AC75, AC72, IMOCA 60s, and Club Swan, as well as high-end production yachts.

Design: Lorenzo Argento
First 36 follows the same design language of her larger sister – First Yacht 53 – building on the timeless aesthetic of Lorenzo's work, most notably seen on the Wally and Brenta yachts.

Innovation and research: Gigodesign
This industrial design studio's design research and innovation insights with multiple Red Dot awards were essential in locking in and developing innovation opportunities.


Beneteau First 36, Burin Boats, Seascape

Due to the easily achievable performance potential of the new BENETEAU First 36, we expect her to be a weapon for club handicap racing. Therefore, during the design process, the team spent numerous iterations seeking a balance between an easily planing hull and upwind performance.

The First 36 is optimised for short-handed sailing, making her perfect for the ever-more-popular short-handed adventure distance races. Her very high sail area/displacement coefficient and balanced nautical design make her a top performer as a club-racer, a safe and fun family cruiser, or simply a thrilling daysailer.


Positioning six winches, steering wheels, and other deck gear was thoroughly tested on several mock-ups and a full-scale testbed sailboat to enable the sailing experience promised on the previous page. Details like an offshore hatch on the foredeck or removable cockpit benches show the priority of sailing functionality over style used throughout the design process.

Standard aluminium rig and cast iron keel were chosen to keep the boat accessible. Yet, Sam Manuard brought his experience and focused on perfecting the shape and design of these two key ingredients for a great sailing experience. The draft of 2,25 m was chosen as a compromise between performance and ease of use.


In the racing layout, the wide and modern cockpit allows for different helm and trim positions, either for short-handed or fully-crewed sailing. In this setup, the table and bench extensions are removed, opening the working area in the cockpit.

A higher than average steering wheel position leaves enough room for the helmsman to move forward towards the mainsail winch when sailing short-handed. The cockpit winches' positioning allows one or two crew members to sail with legs in and work the mainsail or primary winches in full crew mode. It also allows cross-sheeting of all sheets to the windward side. Harken, Ronstan, Spinlock and Antal deck gear were combined for performance.


When you remove your racing gear and take your family cruising or daysailing, the cockpit benches​ with cushions increase the seating area and add storage space and rope organisation. The cockpit table is big enough to seat a crew of six. Additionally, the design team developed an ultralight bathing platform to give sailors easy access to the water without affecting the boat's performance.


Beneteau First 36, Burin Boats, Seascape

The wide hull of the BENETEAU First 36 offers a spacious interior comparable to much larger predecessors. The new First 36 has about the same living volume as the legendary First 40.7.

Simple, comfortable and multi-purpose, the First 36 interior was developed around three-cabin cruising functionality. Its most notable feature is the large central fridge (with a removable cutting board), making this sailboat's galley the largest of her class. A corridor created together with the foldable and removable table helps sailors move around the saloon safely and offers stacking possibilities.

Going against the trend, the 36 features a full-sized navigation table. While vital to navigation, it is also a suitable home office. Two portlights in every room allow airflow and natural light, while sectional indirect lighting with a red racing option illuminates the boat at night. Three cabins with easily accessible full-sized double berths and innovative heads round up the features of this bright and spacious interior.



Hull length: 11,00 m / 36’ 1”
Beam: 3,80 m / 12’ 6”
Preliminary displacement (MLC): 4800 kg / 10580 lbs
Draft standard keel: 2,25 m / 7’ 4,6”
Ballast: 1550 kg / 3420 lbs
Upwind sail area: 80 m2 / 860 sq. ft
Downwind sail area: 180 m2 / 1930 sq. ft
Retail recommended ex-works price: EUR 198.000 ex VAT

Tuesday 04 Jan 2022

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Central and Eastern Europe’s largest in-water boat show celebrates its 23rd year, with 21 years of continuous record breaking shows followed by the highly successful 2020 show, one of only three boat shows held in Europe during the pandemic. Registration is now in progress and optimism is high on all fronts, with many exhibitors planning expanded exhibits as the overall situation is expected t...
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  Elan Yachts, Pininfarina, Humphreys Yacht Design and Gurit team-up! Elan Yachts joins forces with Pininfarina, Humphreys Yacht Design and Gurit in an effort to give birth to the ultimate performance cruiser. The as-yet unnamed project aims to combine the best in shipbuilding technology, naval architecture, and industrial design. Elan, a pioneering inno...
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  The 23rd Match Race Germany will take place on its regular date over Whitsun. The upcoming edition of the German Match Race Grand Prix will be sailed and celebrated from 2nd to 6th June in 2022. 25 years after its premiere in 1997, the match race stage on lake Constance will once again sail into the international spotlight, attracting tens of thousands visitors to the heartbeat chamber in...
Monday 05 Jul 2021

After successful launches of the pioneering models Zodiac eJET 450 and Narke GT95, confirming Petestep’s simulations of reduced hydrodynamic resistance, as well as significantly softer and quieter ride. This has led to a great surge in requests for battery-electric boat development with Petestep technology The Swedish company’s patented hull form can help increase the range of planing boats...
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