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Litijeve (LiFePO4) baterije so posebej primerne za uporabo na plovilih, kot servisne baterije. Imajo izjemno kapaciteto, majhno težo in izjemno dolgo življenjsko dobo, ki je tudi do desetkrat daljša od klasičnih trakcijskih, gel ali AGM akumulatorjev. Zaradi napredne tehnologije in številnih komponent, ki ščitijo baterijo pred poškodbami, je garancija, ki jo nudijo proizvajalci, bistveno daljša od klasičnih svinčenih baterij. Kvalitetnejše litijeve baterije imajo tudi do 3-letno garancijo.

Nova tehnologija prizmatičnih celic poleg izjemne gostote električne energije zagotavlja tudi izjemno življenjsko dobo. BlueCell 200 Ah baterija omogoča kar 4000 praznjenj baterije več kot 80 %, kar je kar 1000 ciklov več od ostalih baterij. Seveda omogoča tudi praznjenje do 100 % nazivne kapacitete brez bojazni, da se bo baterija zaradi tega uničila, kot bi se to zgodilo pri svinčeni bateriji. Njihova življenjska doba je več kot 10 let oziroma več kot 6000 ciklov praznjenj preko 50 %. 

Za kaj so litijeve baterije prihodnost v navtiki

Litijeve baterije prinašajo največjo prednost kot porabniške oziroma servisne baterije. Njihove največje prednosti so:

  1. dvakrat večja uporabna kapaciteta
  2. za polovico manjša teža
  3. trikrat daljša garancijska doba
  4. do desetkrat daljša življenjska doba
  5. samodejni nadzor polnjenja in praznjenja baterije
  6. zaščita pred kratkim stikom
  7. možnost priklopa solarnih celic
  8. možnost vzporedne ali zaporedne vezave več baterij (večja napetost ali kapaciteta sistema)
  9. zelo nizko praznjenje v času mirovanja
  10. stabilna napetost baterije vse do 95 % izpraznjenosti
  11. ni vzdrževanja

Tehnični podatki BlueCell 200Ah 12V:

  • Nazivna napetost: 12,8 v
  • Nazivna kapaciteta: 200 Ah (pri 0,2C)
  • Uporabna kapaciteta: 200 Ah (pri 0,2C)
  • Uporabna energija: 2560 Wh
  • Samodejno praznjenje: <3,5% mesečno
  • Življenjska doba: > 4000 pri praznjenju preko 80%
  • Življenjska doba: > 6000 pri praznjenju preko 50%
  • Tok polnjenja: 200 A
  • Priporočljiv tok polnjenja: 25-100 A
  • Tok praznjenja: 200 A
  • Tok praznjenja (do 3 s): 300 A
  • Izklop nizka napetost: 10 V
  • Temperaturno območje praznjenja: od -10°C do +70°C
  • Temperaturno območje polnjenja: od -5°C do +60°C
  • Vodoodpornost: IP55
  • Teža: 17,5 kg
  • Dimenzije (DxŠxV): 328x172x216 mm
BlueCell 200Ah 12.8V Navtična litijeva baterija

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Team Nika became the first team ever to claim a hat trick of RC44 World Championship titles after Vladimir Prosikhin, tactician Dean Barker and their crew managed to fend off Igor Lah's Team CEEREF on the final day of big conditions racing off Cascais. The two boats started the day with Team Nika five points ahead. 

In 15 knot NNW winds, Chris Bake's Team Aqua was fastest out of the blocks in the first race to become the sixth race winner at this World Championship. Meanwhile in the leader’s fight Team CEEREF closed the gap to three points. 

Race two saw Team Nika righting the wrongs of the previous race, as they creeped round the top mark first, ahead of Team Aqua. Bronenosec Sailing Team followed in fourth but immediately gybed. Within seconds she took the lead, going on to claim her third bullet. Tactician Cameron Dunn explained: “We rounded in the biggest rightie we’d seen and in a big puff - very windy, in the mid-high 20s. We did a nice hoist, better than all of the boats around us and jumped the gybe on everyone. After all that happened yesterday [when they received a four point penalty] I was like ‘please let this work…’ I was very proud of the boys today.”

Behind, Team Nika managed to retain second as Team CEEREF was third, despite having briefly overtaken their opponent on the first run. Team CEEREF tactician Adrian Stead explained: “We made a big gain and crossed them, but we didn’t consolidate that and they led around the gate.”

With the wind building to 20+ knots and the sea state increasing, Team Nika started the last race with a four points lead and ultimately ended the regatta in style. Winning the committee boat end at the start, she tacked, led out to the favourable right side. “Today the breeze was a lot more left-shifted in close to the shore,” explained Barker.

From there Vladimir Prosikhin’s team sailed conservatively enough in the building wind and sea state to claim the final race and win the RC44 World Championship title by six points.

“I am thrilled,” said a beaming Prosikhin. “It was difficult to the very end. CEEREF is very fast and is a risk-taker. We won the World title last year and they won it the year before. We were expecting a match race from them.”

However Team CEEREF sailed their own races today. “We got very good starts and were very consistent upwind,” Prosikhin continued. “The boat was tuned very well and going nicely, with good VMG. I am happy with this team - almost the same as in 2015 when we first won the World Championship. We have sailed a lot together and the atmosphere on board is great.”

Team Nika’s tactician Dean Barker is becoming ‘King of Cascais’ having won here with Team Nika in 2015 and this year’s TP52 World Championship. “Cascais has been pretty good to us this year. This week our speed seemed really good, upwind particularly and we put it together over the four days. Our crew work was very solid. We didn’t make any real mistakes. We ripped a couple of sails, but they managed to hold together."

“Three races per day in these conditions is very testing on the crew. Vladimir did an amazing job.”

For Team CEEREF it was a case of ‘not quite’, maintained Igor Lah: “We tried hard, but it didn’t work. We tried all our tricks, but Team Nika was better. We made too many mistakes in the first two days.” 

Bronenosec Sailing Team’s crew suffered near heart failure in the final race when their seventh place to Team Aqua's second almost caused them to lose third overall, ultimately retaining this on countback to Chris Bake’s team. 

Scoring a 1-4-2, Team Aqua was top scoring boat today, showing their previous Championship-winning form. “It was a good day,” agreed a pleased Chris Bake. “We kept it clean, kept it going, had good boat speed and it is nice to prove to the world we have a little bit of competitiveness. Nika sailed really well - they deserved to win.”

Tactician Cameron Appleton was proud of his skipper and how Team Aqua had performed. “We felt we could have been boat of the day yesterday and today. I have a lot of confidence in the guys and the set-up. And today’s conditions were awesome - they ramped up until we had 26 knots in the last race. It was dream conditions and phenomenal racing.”

Elsewhere Hugues Lepic's Aleph Racing and Torbjörn Törnqvist's Artemis Racing both had better days while a sixth place overall for Nico Poons' Charisma was not the result the Monaco-based Dutchman had hoped for to help his prospects for winning the 2018 RC44 Championship.

The RC44 Championship Tour concludes with its final event of the season in Cascais over 14-18th November. 

No. Team (sail no.) Points
1 Russia Team Nika (RUS 10) 36
2 Slovenia Team Ceeref (SLO 11) 42
3 Russia Bronenosec Sailing (RUS 18) 52
4 United Kingdom Team Aqua (GBR 2041) 52
5 Sweden Artemis Racing (SWE44) 58
6 Monaco Charisma (MON 69) 60
7 United Kingdom Peninsula Petroleum (GBR 1) 64
8 France Aleph Racing (FRA17) 74
Monday 01 Oct 2018

New hull design - wink to Exclusive range The 430 Grand Large presents the next generation of Dufour Grand Large hulls. The signature of Umberto Felci, with the recent innovations inspired from the Dufour Exclusive range, is dist...
Tuesday 18 Sep 2018

Seven Marine 627

Seven Marine, the premium high-performance outboard engine manufacturer, has gained CE Mark certification for its flagship 627 hp model, enabling the American company to begin selling its top-of-the-range product in Europe.

In response to increased interest in its products from international markets and a growing demand for high-power outboards for larger boats across the globe, the company has gained CE (Conformité Européene) Mark certification – a legislative requirement to conform to health, safety and environmental standards. This designation makes it possible for the Seven 627sv model to be sold within the European Union.

“This is a strong step forward for us in the European market,” says Brian Davis, vice president of Seven Marine. “Since we first exhibited our outboards in Europe in 2016, and following our acquisition by Volvo Penta last year, European boatbuilders have shown a lot of interest in our outboards. We have developed new products and redesigned the 627 model, to continue our pursuit of offering a premium range of high-performance outboards to a broader market. Part of this philosophy involves adhering to the highest standards and we look forward to introducing Seven Marine products to customers in Europe.”

Highest performance, elegant design

External design is important to Seven Marine’s customers. The company’s gasoline outboards are elegant and customizable in different colors and carbon/teak cowl accents, showing that the outboard is an integral part of a boat’s overall aesthetic rather than just being its power source. It is the combination of technology-driven high performance and stylish design that has encouraged several European boatbuilders to select the Seven 627sv for their vessels.

“Our Seven 627sv is a premium outboard engine with a lot customizable options, so the process of discussing what the customers want becomes very personal and special,” says Rick Davis, president of Seven Marine. “Some of the customers have chosen Seven Marine so that they can provide more power, or reduce the number of engines while retaining the same power as before if they are switching from a competitor to our engines. And some have chosen the Seven 627sv because of the ability to make the outboard an integral part of their boat’s overall aesthetic.

Seven Marine designs and produces the most powerful outboard engines in the world.

“We are proud to have such good relationships with the boatbuilders and pleased that some of the Seven Marine-powered boats will be showcased at the Cannes Yachting Festival, Genoa Boat Show and the Monaco Yacht Show, in September.”

Applications to gain CE Mark certification for Seven Marine’s 527 and 577 hp engines are in progress and are expected to be approved in the coming months.

Seven Marine 627

Wednesday 29 Aug 2018

Marina Punat Krk

Anchoring system reinforcements

In order to provide even better safety for your vessels, we have added additional reinforcements to the existing horizontal rails which firmly hold the tied moorings with their weight and thus constructed a very reliable way of mooring vessels.

Works in pools A1 – A2 – A3 and B3 north and B3 south have been completed. At the same time, old bits have been removed on piers B3, B5, A1 and A2, new ones mounted in some areas and we are successively replacing old pier floorboards. All that is left is the A3 – A4 pool.

The works were funded entirely with our own resources.

Hotel Kanajt – new online reservation

Contact us directly and get up to 10% discount:

Marina Punat Group guests can now directly book accommodation at the Hotel Kanajt via online reservation at

We recommend that you use only this page for online booking as you do not receive discounts when booking via other booking sites.

The webpages are still functional. 

Moreover, you can now directly contact us to book rooms via the new info line +385 (0)911 654 354, or via the Viber or Whats App applications.

Marina Punat Krk

The floating holiday home has been anchored

The first boat-apartment in Croatia is already in the marina. Furnishing and connecting to our water supply and electricity grid is underway.

The apartment is located at the base of pier C3, and is easily accessible. Nearby there is a short stopping zone where you can unload your belongings onto our luggage cart. You can park your car in the marina, in one of the available parking lots, free of charge. For guests arriving by airplane at Rijeka Airport, we have organized free transportation.

You can get fresh groceries and drinks at the nearby market in the marina, and the town centre is just a 5-minute bike ride away; bikes are available for rent at the marina. If you do not want to cook during your vacation, at the heart of the marina you can find the excellent a la carte restaurant Marina and the 9 bofora bistro & pizzeria with an excellent selection of small and quick meals.

Take maximum advantage of your free time; the pool and wellness at hotel Kanajt is at your disposal, as well as the fitness studio which is only a hundred metres away from your accommodation.

If you want to go swimming, a small inflatable boat with oars which does not require a sailing permit, is available. Additionally, you can rent an outboard engine as well. For those who wish to go to the beach, we offer organized transportation to the Medane Beach Club.

The apartment is equipped with a TV and free WiFi signal.

You can see the times and prices here, and you will receive a 10% discount for direct booking. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

New partners in recreation

Get to know the island in a new way with a licensed Infinity Sports guide. Organised cycling tours on the island of Krk are tailored to your wishes and activities.

They will design a personalised route just for you, from simple tourist tours to demanding sports cycling.

All information on times and prices are available on +385 (0)911721465 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and with the Marina Club Card you get a 10% discount.

Monday 21 May 2018

RC44, Portorož, Aleph Racing

All the boats, bar one, have scored bullets at the RC44 Portorož Cup after two new teams added their names to the list of race winners here in Slovenia. So far in eight races six teams have scored bullets.

Having been briefly held ashore, the RC44 fleet ventured out of Marina Portorož into a 6-8 knot on shore westerly and an almost lake-like sea.

Video: Onboard CEEREF:

In the first race, Chris Bake’s Team Aqua successfully repeated yesterday’s tactic of winning the pin and ‘owning the left’ side of the course. Once again this helped them round the top mark in first place but with Hugues Lepic’s Aleph Racing hanging on to their coattails in second. The team of the London-based Frenchman, which seems to enjoy the flat water on offer on Piran Bay, split from Team Aqua at the leeward gate and sneaked ahead up the second beat. From there they hung on to secure the first race of the day for themselves.

John Bassadone and the crew of Peninsula Petroleum have been getting to know their new tactician American Ed Baird, who is standing in for the ebullient Italian Vasco Vascotto this week. In race two the Gibraltar-based team managed to find a clear lane coming into the top to lead around ahead of Team Aqua and proceeded to extend from there.

Anticipating the wind lightening, PRO Peter Reggio went to shorten the final run of this race. All appeared to be going well until the wind disappeared altogether leaving kites hanging limply. Eventually the front runners had to drop their kites and beat back upwind to get to the finish line. Peninsula Petroleum managed to hang to her lead, and crept across the finish line just ahead of Team Aqua.

Ultimately Team Aqua posted today’s best results with a 2-2, while yesterday’s leader, Igor Lah’s Team CEEREF, managed a 3-4. This has left Chris Bake’s team on equal points with the local heroes – two of the oldest RC44 team - going into the final day.

Saturday 12 May 2018

  Video: Onboard CEEREF:
Slovenia continued to deliver on day two of the RC44 Portorož Cup. With another light forecast, crew and race committee were relieved to arrive in Marina Porto...
Saturday 12 May 2018

With the added incentive of being both the local Slovenian team and holder of the 2016 and 2017 RC44 season championship titles, it came as little surprise that Igor Lah’s Team CEEREF came out on top after day one of the RC44 Portorož Cup.

The morning started with an unpromising forecast and the flags barely flickering in Marina Portorož. However after a delay of just 30 minutes, a west northwesterly wind filled in ultimately enabling PRO Peter Reggio to buck the odds and successfully complete three races on Piran Bay.

Despite Hugues Lepic’s Aleph Racing leading at the top mark in the first two races, it was Lah’s crew that lay down an early marker to win race one, while in race two it was the turn of Vladimir Prosikhin’s Team Nika. This latter result made up for a last place finish in race one when they had suffered a problem with a badly knotted spinnaker sheet.

With the wind peaking at around eight knots, conditions finally started to go flukey in the third and final race of the day. In this Chris Bake’s Team Aqua led from start to finish.

Generally it was a high scoring day across the fleet with both Teams Nika and Aqua scoring first and last placed finishes and only Team CEEREF managed anything close to consistently good results.

Similarly light conditions are forecast for tomorrow when racing is due to resume at 1200 CET.

Thursday 10 May 2018

It has been a weekend of light sea breeze in the bay of Piran, but still the Melges 24 fleet, composed  of twenty-five boats from eleven countries, managed to complete a whole series of scheduled nine races. 

The fight for the podium has been tough until the very last race as the top teams were all tied in a bunch of points. With partial scores of 6.,3.,2. the American entry War Canoe of Mike Goldfarb managed to preserve the overall lead and take the regatta win.

“We are extremely happy with this result. We have been training a while in the USA with the events of Miami and Charleston before coming here. We plan a very busy season with the Melges 24 that is going to include both the Worlds in Victoria, Canada and the Europeans in Riva del Garda, Italy. For this reason it was essential to start measuring ourselves with the European fleet, to start knowing the teams and to perform well on Garda Lake. We will meet again in Torbole," said Mike Goldfarb, owner and driver of War Canoe. Aboard the American boat in Portoroz were also Morten Henriksen, Mark Strube and David Brink.

Estonian team Lenny seemingly put itself out of contention when finishing 18th in the penultimate race. But then they charged back to third place in the last race only to fall three points short of the top spot.

“We are actually surprised with this result, we hadn’t been sailing since the Worlds in Helsinki last year and we have also some new members in the crew. Beginning with such a success is unbelievable," commented Tõnu Tõniste, helmsman of Lenny.

“We will be competing in five events in total in 2018 and our top event will be the Europeans on Garda Lake. Before that, we will have some training on Garda, especially with the event of Torbole, to start testing the race course and measuring with the fleet. The Europeans will be an awesome event!" The crew of Lenny included also Ants Haavel, Tammo Otsasoo, Kristen Pugi and Maiki Saaring.

Bronze medal went to the reigning World Champions on board of Gian Luca Perego’s Maidollis, very consistent all through the series but penalized by a black flag disqualification on Saturday. The top five is completed by Taki 4 with Niccolo Bertola in helm and FGF Sailing Team in charge by Robert Bakoczy.

YC Marina Portorož, Melges 24

Thursday 03 May 2018

Volvo Ocean Race

It was a familiar sight on Sunday afternoon in Itajaí, where the two red boats at the top of the Volvo Ocean Race leaderboard set the pace at the start of Leg 8 to Newport, Rhode Island on the east coast of the United States. MAPFRE, in second place overall, led throughout the inshore portion of the leg start, with overall race leader Dongfeng Race Team giving chase just boatlengths behind. Team Brunel and Turn the Tide on Plastic were up amongst the leaders as well, pushing the frontrunners as they headed out to sea for the 5,700 nautical mile leg north.

Team AkzoNobel held down fifth place out of Itajaí while Team SHK/Scallywag and Vestas 11th Hour Racing were close to 3-minutes behind the leader at the final inshore gate. The Scallywag team was sporting a new logo on both boat and uniform honouring their lost teammate John Fisher. The forecast is for generally light winds, making for tricky conditions to start Leg 8. The fleet is likely to push out to the east to get further offshore before making a turn to the north.

After falling behind Dongfeng Race Team by one point on the leaderboard, MAPFRE skipper Xabi Fernández says his team needs to battle hard to regain the lead.

“We need to step up again and use all our strength to try to win this leg,” he said.

His counterpart on Dongfeng Race Team, Charles Caudrelier says the leg is complicated with tradewind sailing as well as a fourth and final doldrums crossing for the race.

“It’s a nice leg. We have to cross the doldrums again, but it should be in the easy part, further to the west, which is good,” said Caudrelier. Then, it’s the Newport stopover, which is popular with the sailors, as the town is renowned as a sailing mecca.

“I love Newport,” said Team Brunel’s Bouwe Bekking. “It’s a sailing destination, with so much heritage with the America’s Cup there for so many years and of course all the locals know what our race is about. It’s one of the best stopovers.” As the teams left Itajaí, Brazil, they were seen off by a large, enthusiastic crowd dockside as well as a generous spectator fleet on the water for the leg start.

Over the course of the Itajaí stopover nearly 450,000 fans visited the Race Village.

Leg 8 start - Itajai

Volvo Ocean Race 2018

  Place Team Distance to finish  
  1.  Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag 4.913,0 nmi  
  2. Turn The Tide on Plastic +0,7 nmi  
  3. Brunel +0,7 nmi  
  4. Dongfeng +0,9 nmi  
  5. Vestas +1,2 nmi  
  6. MAPFRE +1,3 nmi  
  7. AkzoNobel +1,7 nmi  

Photo:  Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

Monday 23 Apr 2018

The fleet for the 21st Match Race Germany on Lake Constance is complete. Twelve international top teams will compete over Pentecost  from 16 to 21 May in front of Langenargen at the Grand Prix of Germany. The field is led by defending champion Eric Monnin and his Albert Riele Swiss Team. With 12-time ice-sailing world champion and former America's Cup helmsman Karol Jablonski and his Jablonski Racing Team, one of the most furious dueling sailors is entering the four-nations region. Young savages like the only 23-year-old Dutchman Jelmer van Beek want to challenge the stars of the scene and set their course for Germany's most famous match race.

The twelve teams will represent nine countries this year. The five to six-member crews are at home in France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany. Helmsman Max Gurgel and his team from the Hamburger Alster start under German flag. Not so far from Langenargen is Eric Monnin´s club, the Segel Club Stäfa. The 42-year-old defending champion not only won the jubilee edition of Match Race Germany 2017, but was also second in the classic Bermuda Gold Cup. The helmsman, team player and boat designer from Lake Zurich says: "In addition to the usual good reasons, this year's title defense also serves as motivation. That is our goal, if not an easy one. As always, we hope for a good wind, but we are prepared for all conditions. "


And commenting on the most difficult opponents to bet he added: "Always counting on Karol Jablonski and his Jablonski Racing Team". The 56-year-old German Pole starts for the Bavarian Yacht Club and just a few weeks ago raced to his record twelfth World Champion title. In sailing the DN ice yacht Jablonski has been king for almost two decades. And in the dueling sport match racing, he is not only one of the greats of his guild since his legendary America's Cup start for the Spanish team Desafío Espanõl and the fact that he reached the Cup semi-finals back in 2007. The match-world champion from Olsztyn is regarded as a vigorous attacker and inspires the fans regularly with his interpretation of the dueling sail art. Jablonski is looking forward to race in front of a large audience in Langenargen: "I love this special atmosphere at Match Race Germany!" Up to 30,000 spectators thrill every year on the shores and on the water togthert with the sailors - so many fans are hardly ato be found and matched at any matchrace Regatta worldwide.


One of the youngest starters also sees it that way. Jelmer van Beek from the Groningen Yacht Club said before his premiere on Lake Constance: "We start at Match Race Germany, because it is currently the biggest match race on monohulls in the world." The Dutch team Dutch Wave could not only win the 2017 national match race championship , but had also prevailed in the International German Match Race Championship (Qualifier for Match Race Germany) and quickly rose to the top 25 in the matchrace world ranking. The quintet has prepared well for the engagement in front of the dream scene in Langenargen: "We have studied many videos from the past years and expect light winds and sunshine." Jelmer van der Beek is aiming at a professional career in sailing, says: "to be able to compete at events like Match Race Germany is a really important step for our entire team. "As a goal, the boys have set themselves to reach the quarter-final round. "Everything is possible from then on," says van Beek, "because that's match racing!"


  • Eric Monnin (Switzerland)
  • Maxime Mesnil (France)
  • Patryk Zbroja (Poland)
  • Max Trippolt (Austria)
  • Dejan Presen (Slowenia)
  • Vladimir Lipavski (Russia)
  • Jelmer van Beek (Netherlands)
  • Lukasz Wosinski (Poland)
  • Szymon Jablkowski (Poland)
  • Max Gurgel (Hamburg/Germany)
  • Karol Jablonski (Poland/Germany)
  • Alfonso Leijte (Portugal)

7 weeks to Go

At the organizers of Match Race Germany, preparations for one of the biggest sporting events in the Lake Constance region are already in full swing. The heartbeat chamber of the organizing team is Match Center Germany locted in the Gondelhafen in Langenargen. Together with the hosting Yacht Club Langenargen and its internationally experienced race director Rudi Magg, the entire team of around 100 volunteers, directed by event director Harald Thierer and sports director Eberhard Magg, are preparing for the popular long Whitsun Pentecost weekend. In front of the picturesque backdrop of the Montfort Castle, guests in the regatta village can enjoy a lot of infotainment, family entertainment, Swabian delicacies, evening top concerts with free admission and a seat in the first row on the lake shores.


In Brazil and on Lake Maggiore, the starting guns for the 2018 season of the international Match Race Super League have meanwhile fallen. The South American classic 6.Porto Alegre Match Cup won by the Brazilian Navy team with helmsman Geison Mendes in front of the crews around his compatriots Victor Demaison and Philipp Grochtmann. Switzerland's Grand Prix :Matchrace Switzerland, was won by the Geneva Match Race team, headed by helmsman Nelson Mettraux, ahead of the Austrian team Trippolt and Eric Monnin's Albert Riele Swiss Team (Both also competing in Langenargen). With 25 points each Nelson Mettraux and Geison Mendes have taken over the lead of the Match Race Super League at the season opener.

Match Race Super League 2018 Schedule

1. Porto Alegre Match Cup (BRA), 23. - 25.03.2018
2. Match Race Switzerland (SUI) 22. - 25.03.2018
3. Szczecin Polish Match Tour (POL), 28.04 - 01.05.2018
4. Match Race Germany (GER), 16. - 21.05.2018
5. NJK Open Spring Cup (FIN), 24. - 27.05.2018
6. Porto Montenegro Match Race (MNE), 01. - 03.06.2018
7. Portugese Open (POR), 15. - 17.06.2018
8. Internationaux de France (FRA), 26. - 29.07.2018
9. Argentina Match Race tba. (ARG), July 2018
10. Poland Match Race tba. (POL), August 2018
11. EUROSAF Match Racing Europeans (EST), 08. - 12.08.2018
12. New Caledonia Match Race tba. (NCL), August 2018
13. Oakcliff International (USA), 05. - 09.09.2018
14. Thompson Cup (USA), 11. - 15.09.2018
15. Marina Bay Cup (SIN), 13. - 16.09.2018
16. New Zealand Match Race tba, (NZL), December 2018
17. The Kingdom Match Race (BHR), 13. - 17.12.2018
18. Chile Match Race tba. (CHL), December 2018

Vir: Match Race Germany, Foto; FB Lumba Match Race

Tuesday 03 Apr 2018

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